Argentine gastronomy is exquisite and in recent years it has positioned itself among the best in America. In Buenos Aires, the capital, the Buenos Aires food week is held from October 8 to 15. This culinary event brings together the best restaurants in the city. The entrance is public and each restaurant has special prices that go according to the menu they offer.

This event is not about a group of restaurants that offer food in a specific place, but about 40 restaurants that participate in this gastronomic event and that offer exquisite dishes in their own restaurants. In this way, people visit each restaurant separately and vote for which was their favorite restaurant and which was the dish they liked the most. At the end of the event there are raffles and of course a winning restaurant.

This activity promotes Buenos Aires gastronomy and in this way the restaurants are greatly benefited by the consumption but also by the publicity that is made to them during the event. On the other hand, consumers have the opportunity to savor delicious meals, pay extraordinary prices and learn about the history of each business.