One of the best places to try the exquisite food of Buenos Aires are the food trucks. These mobile restaurants represent in an excellent way the gastronomic culture of the Argentine capital and are the favorites of the porteños. Next, we list the best food trucks in the capital city.

Best food trucks in Buenos Aires

1. Moscu Truck

moscu truck in buenos aires

In Moscu Truck you can enjoy a variety of cool comfort food such as tacos, sushi, burger and empanadas. Their service is excellent for corporate outdoor events.

2. Los del Shawarma

los del shawarma truck in buenos aires

Los del Shawarma is the next food truck for hire in Buenos Aires that you need to know about. Fast food is an appropriate catering option for informal events. This food truck in Buenos Aires gives you all your favorite Middle Eastern dishes like Shawarma, Lehmeyun, Baklava, Tabouleh, Turkish Pizza and more. In addition, your guests will love the authentic vertical spinning kebab grill!

3. Food Truck Argentina

food truck argentina in buenos aires

Food Truck Argentina offers delicious sandwiches and hamburgers that are inspired by Argentinean cuisine. It’s possible to taste some legendary street food of Buenos Aires, such as a Patagonian lamb sandwich with caramelized onions and potatoes or the iconic Pan Choripan. Patas bravas, french fries, and outstanding knife-cut Patagonian lamb empanadas are available on the side.

4. Estoy Comiendo

empanadas tucumanas street food in buenos aires

Estoy comiendo is the next food truck in Buenos Aires that you should consider. In addition to showcasing some of the best street food in Buenos Aires, including medialunas, alfajores, and empanadas, this food truck also hosts warm social events. Their tacos, paellas, and steaks are also excellent. It is known for its huge fully-loaded sandwiches, which are sure to leave your guests feeling satisfied.

5. Romero Olivas Sabores Gourmet

romero oliva sabores gourmet truck in buenos aires

Romero Olivas Sabores is the final food truck in Buenos Aires to consider today. They describe themselves as “an exquisite Gourmet concept of noble meats marinated in fine herbs, wine reduction and Asado”. In short, this team have a keen expertise in working with beef. They use fresh bread, with locally sourced garnishes that take their meat expertise to the next level and beyond! So if you’re looking for that perfect Asado flavour for your event catering in Buenos Aires, this is the food truck for you!