The cuisine of the Rio de la Plata has the essence of the immigrants who populated Buenos Aires in the 19th century and enriched the Creole menu with recipes from Spain, Italy, and Germany. Then, the incredible Andean cuisine from the neighboring countries was added. Some of its gastronomic poles are Palermo, Puerto Madero, Recoleta and San Telmo, neighborhoods where you can find the ten restaurants that appear on the “Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants 2018” list and many more options. The gastronomic culture of Buenos Aires is made up of the following dishes and places:

Buenos Aires Pizza

buenos aires pizza best food in buenos aires

To the stone, to the mold or to the grill, whatever the case, every Argentine citizen loves pizza. It was popularized by Italian immigrants at the end of the 19th century but, over the years, it took on an authentic Buenos Aires essence. We like it either way, but particularly al mould, very high. Always with a lot of cheese and if it has onion or ham and bell peppers, the better. Then we add a dash of oregano, olives, and mission accomplished: we’re ready to enjoy a zapi with friends.

Organic Markets

organic markets in buenos aires

As part of its wide gastronomic range, Buenos Aires also offers markets and stores for healthy and organic products that are located throughout its different neighborhoods. Likewise, during each year fixed fairs are organized in the calendar. Get to know the markets and gastronomic patios!

Cocktail bars

cocktail bar

For some years now, sophisticated bars and bartenders with signature drinks have been introduced as a new trend in the city. The most outstanding bars are in Palermo, Retiro and Recoleta. The proposals are aligned with international cocktails and, in some cases, even surprise with highly original local touches.

Notable bars

notable bars

In Buenos Aires you can find more than 80 Notable Bars. These are much more than a list of cafes and sweet shops, since they represent the importance of tradition and respect for customs in Buenos Aires society. They are representative for being linked to the living history of their people, for having contributed to relevant historical events (many of them have been recognized as “Cultural Heritage of the City of Buenos Aires”) or for their preserved architectural design.

Due to their history and social recognition, the three best-known Notable Bars are La Biela, Bar El Federal and Cafe Tortoni. In fact, figures from the Buenos Aires collective imagination have passed through the latter, such as Carlos Gardel, Federico Garcia Lorca, Quinquela Martin and Alfonsina Storni.